Lowe's Digital

UX Designer

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LowesforPros.com Redesign

Drop Down

This page highlights the drop down function. I wanted it to be very minimal but clear as far as the sections go within the drop down. I worked on what information made sense and how to divide it up in a way that the customer could see it and immediately know what to do or where to click. On hover state the blue triangle indicator appears and expands down.

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Quick Order List

Quick order list is for the Pro customer to have a fast and easy way to submit an order by already having the item numbers and quantity of their choice rather than searching each product individually. Most users of the site use excel to keep track of the products they have ordered in the past, this allows them to copy and past the order in no time.


Business Profile

Redesign for business profile page, I worked with the team to determine different levels of users. This is an example of a small private business account when they do their profile page.


Other Lowe's Work

Mobile Designs

Mobile spots designed to drive traffic to the Lowes.com. I was referencing the Lowe's Spring style guide. I wanted to focus on eye catching designs, using fonts and colors that highlighted the products.